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Adoption Support
  Adoption Support

The adopting of a child into a family is a complex one and once placed, the child may still have difficulty in accessing the love and care on offer. Often health professionals and schools do not have sufficient experience in understanding the complexities that adopted children can present, leaving adopters feeling isolated and their issues misunderstood. This can also be true for adopters of children from overseas.

Gaining early support with this, both for the child and for the parent, is an essential way of addressing these issues before they become a great stress on the family. Simon has over 15 years of working with adoption issues and has supported many children and families over that time. He is skilled at exploring how the child's complex life history is shared as part of family life and understands how issues from the child's history can impact on relationships within the family and with the wider family network.

Simon can be commissioned by Adoption Support Agencies (such as Local Authorities) to work with adopted children and their families. Funding may be available via the adoption support fund. He has also been registered by OFSTED as an Adoption Support Agency and in February 2018 was rated as Outstanding. He offers packages of therapeutic and life-story work commissioned and funded by adoptive parents themselves.

A professional portfolio of Simon's experience can be sent to organisations on request.

If you are an adoption support agency or an adopter and wish to discuss commissioning some adoption support work then please ring 07890 935781 or by email

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