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Play Therapy for Children and Young People
  Play Therapy for Children and Young People

Being a child or young person and growing up through all the pressures of modern life can leave some feeling confused and upset and this can be expressed through behaviour that causes concern to those close to them. This may be a time when it is useful for them to explore their emotional issues with an experienced professional who understands the importance of creativity in developing self-understanding, learning and change.

'Play Therapy is a mode of therapy that helps children to explore their feelings, to express themselves and to make sense of their life experiences. Play is children's natural medium to learn, communicate and to explore their world. Recovery from difficult life experiences can be facilitated by a Play Therapist allowing a child freedom of expression in a safe and trusting environment'.

(Copyright - British Association of Play Therapists)

Parents are an integral part of this process and are crucial in supporting any individual Play Therapy for their child or adolescent. Parents may become involved in the Play Therapy by collaborating with their young person so that feelings and relationships can be explored together.

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