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  Support for Schools

Educating children is both a rewarding and demanding profession that requires great skill and dedication. However supporting all children, especially those who have experienced some trauma or have a learning difficulty can be a challenge to the daily life of the classroom.

Simon offers training and support to individual teachers and school staff teams in order for them to reflect on children who have troubling behaviours, understanding the origins of these difficulties and how they, as teachers, can make a difference.

In addition teachers who are parents themselves can find that what works in the classroom might not be effective at home. This can be stressful, putting them in a difficult place to know where to access support as they believe they may be judged. By engaging in 'Parenting Consultations', the sometimes complex relationship between being a parent and being a teacher can be addressed.

To discuss your schools training needs or making an appointment for some parenting support then please ring 07890 935781 or email
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