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Parenting Support & Consultations
  Parenting Support & Consultations

Parenting is primarily a rewarding relationship but at times can be stressful too. Managing family relationships when there are pressures of work and home can become a challenge. Often it is hard for a parent to know who to approach to discuss any anxieties or worries they may have with regard to their relationship with a child or young person and how confidential that will be.

Some professionals who are parents and who themselves work with children may find it hard to come forward to ask for help.

Through 'Parenting Consultations' Simon offers a chance for parents, carers or guardians, singly or as a couple, to discuss all aspects of parenting so that their feelings can be shared and understood and have a discussion about how the relationship with their child might be different and more satisfying.

To discuss making an appointment for some parenting support then please ring 07890 935781 or email
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